Exercise; Cropping

The purpose of this exercise was to take three photographs and then crop them.

When looking at the first of these photos the balance didn’t look right, there were far too many roofs in the foreground. After cropping I think the photograph works much better showing the sweep of the bay. The elongated rectangular format enhances the photo.

In this instance the car on the right hand side was an intrusion, but also I think that from the cropped version you get a better sense of the narrow street because there isn’t the widr expanse of road in the foreground. I tried a second, even tighter crop

but maybe this has gone a bit too far and changes the angle of view into the scene.

Finally a scene from the lake district

By cropping out most of the grey sky the attention is focused more onto the foreground of the stream. Again in this photo I think that the elongated rectangular format is more suited to the subject.

What have I learned from this exercise? I think the main point that I have learned is that cropping can sometimes have a profound change on the nature of a photograph. The landscape of the sea photo above has changed considerably from the original photo and the whole ‘feel ‘ of the image is different.

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