Category: Assignment 5 Narrative

1 Cover Photo

This is a story of the difficulties faced by elderly and disabled people in their everyday life. I wanted to start with a still life showing the things that were important to my elderly relatives or have influenced their life, but that also gave a sense of time passing and mortality. My initial list of …

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Choice of topic–final thoughts on images to create

Cover photo – Still life showing all the things important to life, but also sense of time passing and of mortality. To include medicines, disabled pass, fruit, clock/calendar. On natural wooden background with strong sidelight to suggest setting sun Morning 1st thing – Want a bleak, simple shot that shows how even the most basic …

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Choice of topic second thoughts

Front page – still life Breakfast – Plate with pills Morning read – newspapers, books, medicines leaflet, magnifying glass lunch – Meals on wheels now withdrawn – ready meal afternoon – walking aids – walking stick, frame, disabled pass Evening meal – pill box and cake? TV time – remote and chair remote Bed time …

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Choice of topic first thoughts

The day in the life seems to give the best scope for doing something a bit different, a bit more creative. Showing the difficulty of everyday life and the aids needed to get through it. Something along the lines of: cover. A still life with books, fruit and magazines Bathroom (mobility aids). Help getting up, …

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Initial Thoughts on what Topic to Cover

My initial thoughts on possible subjects for the final assignment An event, such as during the literature festival A day in the life, of older relatives Recipe, illustrating hot to cook/bake something Places I have lived – previous homes/neighbourhoods Photos to illustrate a poem