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Exercises for the course

Exercise; Panning with different shutter speeds

This exercise involved panning the camera to follow the movement of the subject. Whereas the last set of photos had been taken with the vehicles moving away from me, for this exercise I moved to the right hand edge of the bridge. This actually made panning a bit more difficult as I had to follow …

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Exercise; Shutter speeds

This exercise was to make a series of photographs of a moving subject using different shutter speeds. For the moving objects I chose to set up my camera above a busy dual carriageway. The camera was mounted on a tripod. At the fastest shutter speed (1/1000sec) all movement was frozen as shown below With photos …

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Exercise: Focus at different apertures

Again it took me a few attempts to get the right subject matter for this exercise. I tried with gravestones in the local churchyard But couldn’t understand why the shot taken with the smallest aperture (f20) seemed no sharper than photos taken at wider apertures. Then I noticed that I had taken the photo hand …

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Exercise: Focus with a set aperture

I found this exercise a little tricky to start with, perhaps through choosing the wrong subject. I initially tried photographing in a local car park. Although there was a difference in how clearly focused some of the photos were this did take quite an examination.I think that this was probably due to the fact that …

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Exercise Focal Length and Angle of View

I completed the first exercise a few days ago. Standing in the back garden I took photographs of the rear of a house. The first photo shows the view which closest resembles that of the naked eye from the same position. This was achieved with the zoom lens just below its’ 24mm setting. When the …

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