Research Point: Street Photography

I found the book ‘Street Photography Now’ by Sophie Howarth and Stephen McLaren (Thames and Hudson, 2010) particularly useful for this exercise. It showcases the work of 46 contemporary street photographers from around the world and gives a good variety of style and content.. You can read the introduction to it here and there are a host of street photos from a project organised by the authors here.

My comments on street photography can be found here. Street Photography

I must admit I did not know a great deal about street photography until doing this exercise – I had studied the work of Cartier-Bresson and had heard of Martin Parr but I had never come across the work of most of the names in the book that I studied. This exercise has taught me a lot about street photography, I particularly like the humorous, quirky photos of people like Matt Stuart (Trafalgar Square, New Bond Street) and Paul Russell (Charity and Bees).

Looking back on it I’ve really learned a lot from this exercise!