Reflections on Part 1 of the course

I am pleased now that I chose this course as the third one I have undertaken at this level. The exercises have been challenging and made me think a lot more about the image and how it comes to fruition. I think this is complementing my Art of Photography course very well and helping me to build upon it. I am already starting to think a lot more deeply about the images I want to create and how to depict subjects and themes.

The course has been my introduction to the work of Paul Seawright who I had not come across before. I was particularly taken by his work Sectarian Murders which brought home to me how photographs can make you think rather than just reveal themselves at a first, casual glance.

I have found the exercises challenging, the assignment was the hardest thing I have had to do on an OCA course so far. I have learned a lot from this first part of the course and from now on I will be thinking a lot more about how to produce images that ‘give up their meaning slowly’. I know I have used this phrase of Paul Seawright’s a lot in different blog entries – but it has really struck a chord with me.