Feedback from 1st assignment

I have received feedback from my tutor on the first assignment. Generally speaking the feedback was very positive about what I had tried to achieve although maybe I could have adopted a simpler approach to the topic. He commented that series 1 photos were the weaker of the two which I agree with. In series 1 I was trying to make it obvious that one of the people had a disability and maybe I made this a bit too obvious.
He also commented that some of the images were a bit flat and that maybe I could experiment with tonal processing a bit more.
In my Learning Log I needed to make the Learning Points more of my personal reflections on what I have learned rather than just quotes from books I have read. I will rename the “Learning Point” category on my blog as “Literature Research” and will try to incorporate within it what I have learned from the particular extracts. I will also try to make what I have learned from the course a bit clearer in the write up of the exercises.


What did I learn from the feedback?

It was good to receive the positive comments on my understanding of narrative. I can see now that my photos were a little weak for the first series and I could have added a bit more variety to the images. I certainly take on board the comments about the photos being a bit flat and that I need to be more more active in processing them.