Assignment 2 – First Thoughts – Unphotographable

What sort of things can be unphotographable – and how could you go about portraying them in photographs?

Time – You can’t photograph time, but you can photograph representations of it

  • Clock
    Ages or Ageing

Energy – Difficult to photograph directly, but perhaps could photograph

  • Athlete
    Children playing

Feelings – How do you photograph feelings or emotions, indirectly through

  • Facial expressions
    Diary entries
    Gifts e.g. flowers with note
    Elliptically, e.g. steaming kettle for anger

Other unphotographable topics

  • Thoughts
    Morals, morality, conscience
    Ethics, beliefs
    Dilemmas, frustrations


Possible approach to topic – choose the topic of freedom and the limits to it, how would I photograph that:

  • Freedom of speech – Speakers Corner
    Right to roam – footpath sign, perhaps ‘No entry’ sign
    Protest – protest march, St Martins Church where South African protests were based
    Mobility – freedom to cycle, drive, walk, etc., restriction of crutches or wheelchair
    Open spaces and fenced off areas
    Freedom and slavery – slavery monument, slave ship like Turner’s painting



What did I learn from this exercise?
This made me think around a topic and how to portray something obliquely, not always by an obvious association