Photographic interpretation of poems

When researching the exercise on choosing a poem and producing a photographic interpretation, I came across a book called Positives by Thom and Ander Gunn. The introduction of the book states “Thom Gumm is a poet, his brother Ander a photographer. In Positives they have joined forces to produce a book in which poetry and visual imagery are used to counterpoint and reinforce each other; and to produce between them an effect more powerful and more moving than either would on its own.”


Each page of the book has a poem on one side and a photograph on the other.


It is really interesting to study, each of the photographs is in black and white, sometimes the photographs pick up on an obvious image from the poem but on other occasions they are more of an interpretation rather than a representation.


The book is:

Gunn, T. and Gunn, A. (1966|)  Positives. Chicago: University of Chicago Press