Feedback on Second Assignment

The feedback from my tutor on Assignment 2 was critical but fair. The assignment was praised for its interesting approach to the topic, but a number of technical issues were raised, in particular;

  • motion blur in some images and others out of focus
  • washed out highlights in some photos

I submitted this assignment as prints (the first time I have done this for OCA) so I was keen to receive his views on them. I am pleased that he thought they were ‘essentially fine’ and he also gave some good pointers to YouTube videos on inkjet printing.


Essentially I need to be more practiced at street photo style images to cope with the moving subjects, exposure, focusing etc. This is all fair comment as it is not a genre I have spent a lot of time on and do not enjoy greatly, nevertheless the assignment proved a key learning experience.


On my next trips to London I will try to take some more photos to replace the ones which are blurred.