Tutor Feedback on Assignment 3

I was very pleased with the feedback on my last assignment which was generally very positive.

The main area of contention was the fact that I used face masks for the self-portraits, with my tutor feeling that they didn’t entirely ‘work’. He particularly didn’t like the F, H and S written on the masks.

I agree with his point about F, H and S as it did make it all look a bit amateurish. However I do still feel strongly that the masks were used for a very good purpose. The thing that struck me about the diary I had kept for this exercise was how the entries all seemed to divide into one of the three roles of father, husband or son. This is the aspect that I wanted to explore in the self-portrait, not what I looked like or my facial expression. I felt that the masks would require the viewer to look more at what the image was saying about my role rather than about me. I realise the distinction between me and my roles is a fine one, everyone is a function of their role. if I had kept that diary at any other time I may not have got that same feeling about my 3 roles and this is what I wanted to investigate . I still believe the masks helped me to do that in these images.

One other point of feedback was that although it looked as though I had carefully planned the images, I had said nothing about this. In fact I had originally planned the set-up for the images and props in a notebook beforehand. They did change a bit once I started shooting (I soon realised I couldn’t get the table and chairs in the second image!). However you can see my initial thoughts in thew attached scans of my notebook.

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Finally, I should add that I used a software programme – Control My Nikon – for this exercise. It was invaluable as I was shooting on my own. It enabled me to connect my camera to a laptop and to preview the scene, as well as controlling the camera from the laptop. I couldn’t have achieved these images without it – yet I had never heard of it before starting this course!!