Exercise: Photos in Street Photography Style

This exercise required 30 colour 8images and 30 black and white images in a street photography style.

I had already planned a trip to London to visit an exhibition, so I went to Covent Garden to try to complete this exercise. The photographs that I took on the day are shown below.

It is interesting to compare the two sets of photos, there are some in each section that work but wouldn’t if they were in the other section e.g. the coloured shoes in the colour section would not work at all in Black and White.

I had noticed from the previous Research Point that some street photographers have separate sections of their websites labelled ‘colour’ and ‘black and white’. Matt Stuart and Nils Jorgensen are two examples.

I found that when I was looking specifically for black and white photos I was trying to identify patterns¬† in the image whereas in the colour photographs it is the vibrancy of the colours that make them stand out. I can’t say that I prefer one over the other, the quality of each individual image was the overriding feature.

I found this exercise extremely hard, street photography is probably my least favourite genre (in terms of taking the photos) as I often feel very self-conscious. I chose Covent Garden as I thought there would be plenty of opportunities for photos; but also almost every other person was holding a camera so I felt a bit less conspicuous, which helped. I guess I need to get out with my camera more often in this type of setting to get used to the feeling.


Colour photos


Black and White photos