Exercise 2.2(1): Explore a road – series of photographs

For this exercise I chose to photograph Cemetery Lane, a road that leads past the cemetery (unsurprisingly) and on to our local train station. I tried taking photographs that gave a sense of what it would be like to walk down the road. Not of the road itself, but of what lies either side of it Many of the images are what you would see if you looked to the side or above rather than straight ahead. In some ways this reflected what I had seen in the film The Road as the other part of this exercise, although the road was the central part of the film, much of the action took place at places off the road (houses, woods, cellar, etc).



The exercise was interesting in the way it challenged me to look at a very familiar road from a different perspective. Some of the images are perhaps a little ‘routine’ , those that focus on the road itself especially so. I most likethe images that study the play of light in a particular setting, whether high in the trees or on the leaves of a bush by the roadside.