Part 3: Reflections

I had a number of external interruptions to this part of the course, serious enough for me to request an extension to the deadline for submission of the assignment. Fortunately they all seem to be behind me now and I have finally completed the essays and assignment.

I enjoyed practising my photoshop skills in the exercises on ‘a persuasive image’ and ‘local history’, this will be important for my plans for Assignment 6 and creating a collage/montage for that assignment.

I also enjoyed putting into practice the concept of ‘appropriation’ that I learned about in Part 2. Before starting the course I doubt that I would ever have considered using Google Streetview to form part of an image, now having tried it I can see that it has its uses.

Indeed I got a great deal out of Assignment 3, I am starting to think beyond the picturesque, in my background reading for the course I came across a quote by Graham Sutherland (Tate n.d.) “I learnt that landscape was not necessarily scenic”. I think that I am just about getting to that stage at the moment – thinking beyond the scenic or the classical view and trying to look at landscapes in a different way.

I am quite pleased with how Assignment 3 has turned out, a good example I think of how I am ‘getting beyond the scenic’ but also of my thinking more deeply about how to portray a theme, not just the idea of having a series of triptychs but of trying to get a robust definition of place and then interpreting it.

Tate (n.d.) Paintings and Drawings by Graham Sutherland – Exhibition at Tate Britain. At: (Accessed on 25 March 2018)