Tutor Feedback on Part 3

I received my tutor’s comments on my work for Part 3, which contained a number of positive comments as well as areas that I need to improve.

In the exercises he was complementary about the Ophelia image; but in general terms, and particularly the ‘Brush Factory’ work, he thought that I needed to develop new technical skills in post-production. I fully agree with his comment and I have begun to rework the brush factory project to improve the final images and give the people a more ‘ghost-like’ appearance as suggested.

On Assignment 3 he outlined several issues that he would have liked me to explore more fully in the development of the project. He also though that there was, perhaps, an over-reliance on outside sources for images. Overall he thought that the assignment ‘ran out of steam’, perhaps having been restricted by the methodology. I can see all the points that he is making – I do not think that I need to start again, but I will re-work the later images and change their methodology before submitting for assessment.

On the positive side he liked the ‘exploratory approach’ to developing my ideas and said I should continue to investigate this in future work.

He thought that my choice of subject for Assignment 4 was appropriate – but that I need to be more analytical in my assessment of images, not just descriptive.