Tutor Feedback and Review

I had been rather pleased with the Critical Review that I submitted for Assignment 4, so initially I was a little disappointed that my tutor found so much to comment on. Having read his report a few times now, and thinking about what he said, I think that I can learn a great deal from this exercise.

I had tried to take on board previous comments about being more analytical and in this essay I attempted to give a more personal critical response to the images I studied. This was fine but, as my tutor pointed out, I also could have taken a more analytical approach to the genre and why artists had chosen to use it.

He also questioned whether the images were made by landscape artists or political artists, which is something I could have addressed in the essay.

These were the major points he raised and I now recognise more clearly the importance of the articulation of individual thought and analysis. I will revisit the essay to see if I can take on board the main points he made.